AirView system requirements

Supported operating systems

AirView has been built for and tested on the following:

  • Microsoft® Windows 10 (Home Premium and Professional)
  • Microsoft® Windows 11 (Home Premium and Professional)

Recommended Browsers

AirView has been built for and tested on the following.
All AirView features are fully supported.

  • Firefox 42 (and higher)
  • Edge 87 (and higher)
  • Chrome 86 (and higher)

Other browsers

AirView does not officially support the following.
Some AirView features are functional but are not supported. Continue at your own discretion.

  • Safari 5 (and higher)
  • Chrome 12.0-85.0
  • Edge 86.0 (and earlier)
  • Firefox 31.0-41.0.2

Unsupported browsers

AirView is designed to support the recommended browsers and does not include the following:

  • Firefox 30 (and earlier)
  • Chrome 11 (and earlier)
  • Safari 4 (and earlier)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (and earlier)
  • Safari on Windows
  • Opera (all versions)

Additional Software

While not required, the following programs (or an alternative) are necessary to download card data, view exported data and reports from AirView.

Older versions of these programs (or any of their alternatives) are not officially supported.